How Do I Clean My Deck?

deck with stairsChill the drinks and clean the barbeque, summer has arrived in the South West. The rainy, cold days leaving us couped up inside have come to an end, it’s time to venture outdoors and enjoy mother -nature in all her glory. No matter the purpose of your deck, whether an entertainer’s delight or a place to relax and unwind, spring and summer are the perfect seasons to use it to its full advantage. 

If winter has left your deck looking a little worse for wear, here are some simple steps to have your deck spring and summer ready in no time:

  • Sweep Away Debris
  • High Pressure Clean
  • Scrub the Deck
  • Leave to Dry

Sweep Away Debris

Leaves, dirt and sand are often scattered over a deck after winter. A simple brush with a soft broom is a great way to remove this debris. If a more thorough clean is required, a stronger bristled broom and water may be needed.

High Pressure Clean

A high pressure hose is a great way to remove any remaining dirt or if you can’t access a high pressure hose, a normal garden hose will suffice. Whether using a high pressure or garden hose, be sure to clean the whole area. Put your safety first and remember to wear safety glasses, ear muffs and closed in shoes.

Scrub the Deck

CPR Patio and DeckingSpecial deck scrub brooms can be purchased or a strong bristled broom can be used to scrub the deck. A thorough scrub of all areas of your deck will remove stains and any excess debris. If choosing to use a product to scrub your deck, ensure you follow the specific product instructions regarding dilution, application and safety correctly.  When finished scrubbing, rewash the deck thoroughly with a high pressure or garden hose.

Leave to Dry

Give your deck sufficient time to dry and then stand back and admire your spring and summer ready space. Position your outdoor furniture and barbeque where you wish and say cheers to the warmer weather.

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