How Do I Arrange My Patio Furniture?

Patios by CPRA nice-looking patio can revolutionise the appearance of your backyard. Even if you’re not interested in becoming the top home decorator in the world, you can certainly arrange your patio furniture in a way that is both practical and pleasing to the eyes, and make a gorgeous outdoor space that every guest can enjoy when they are visiting. You can also simply enjoy your patio yourself!
  • What is the Purpose of Your Patio?
  • Focusing on Patio Flow and Space
  • Adding Lights to Your Patio

What is the Purpose of Your Patio?

The purpose of your patio will help you to decide what furniture is best and where to place it. What are you going to use your patio for? If it is near a pool, you might want some poolside furniture such as non-fabric chaise lounges, and if you are using it as an outdoor dining area you might need a bigger table with matching chairs. Some patios have space for different areas, so you don’t necessarily have to choose.

Focusing on Patio Flow and Space

The flow of your patio is quite important. Look at the space and think about how you are going to move around in your patio area. A good flow will make your patio feel roomier, and bad flow can cause your patio area to feel cramped and uncomfortable. Make sure doors and walking spaces have enough room for you to move around, and make a pathway around your seating areas for ease of access. If you have a longer piece of furniture for your patio such as a couch, place that against a wall and leave smaller pieces in the open so they can be moved easily.

Adding Lights to Your Patio

patio lightsPatios are quite versatile and they create a unique opportunity to enjoy your outdoor area while undercover. If you plan to use your patio in the evenings, adding some lighting is an excellent idea. For a more aesthetic choice, you could add fairy lights, candles, lamps or decorative torches made for outside – however, if you want a practical effect, installing proper lighting is a good plan.

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