How Close to the Boundary Can I Build my Carport?

Raised Flat Roof Carport AttachedWhen you are looking at building a carport for your premise, there are a few regulations that will need to be met before the construction goes ahead.

Depending on the area you live in you may have a number of restrictions when it comes to having a carport built.

When choosing the right carport, it is important to take in a few factors

  • Shire/Council Regulations
  • Building Envelopes
  • Trees / Vegetation
  • Storm Water
  • Slope of your Block

Shire/Council Regulations

carport dutch gabelDifferent shires have certain regulations when it comes to building so it is best first to check with your local council before buildings go ahead. Most councils will have the information on their website for a general idea.

Building Permits

Carports do require a building license and development approval so check with the builder that these are all in place before commencing.

Trees / Vegetation

Certain trees and vegetation may need to be removed from the allocated space. A professional tree faller may need to be called to ensure this is done correctly and safely.

Storm Water

When structural design plans are being created this will show areas for stormwater and drainage positions.

CPR carportSlope of your Block

Depending on the descent of the slope will dictate on whether cutting into the land and levelling is required. Sourcing the expertise from the professionals who will be building your carport will ensure this is taken into account.

Looking for the Right Carport to Install at Your Home?

When you are looking for the perfect carport contact the specialist at CPR Outdoor Centre we can help from all levels with the council paperwork, size and design through to manufacturing and installation. CPR Outdoor Centre in Bunbury 0499 800 558 or Busselton 9754 2657.