How Can I Weatherproof My Shed During Winter?

Before and during winter, there are many areas outside the home that we should check to ensure they are weather safe. Your shed should be one of these. Considering your shed is often used to store away items during the winter months, you want to make sure these items are safe and protected. While your shed is a secure structure that when built correctly and with quality materials will generally be weatherproof, it’s important to still minimise the risk of damage occurring to your shed from winter storms or excessive rainfall.

Whether planning on building a new shed or looking to waterproof your existing shed, read below to learn three ways to weatherproof your shed during winter including:

  • Choose the right location for your new shed
  • Keep trees around your shed maintained
  • Add guttering to your shed

Choose The Right Location for Your New Shed

Ideally you want your shed to be in an area that isn’t prone to flooding. Assess your property and do any necessary earthworks to ensure your shed is being built in a good location to minimise the risk of water entering. Have your shed built on a concrete slab to ensure it is raised from the grounds surface. If only built on sand, moisture from the sand can seep into your shed.

Keep Trees Around Your Shed Maintained

Weatherproof My ShedWhile large, leafy trees are beautiful for shade during summer, they can be hazardous during winter. If your shed has large trees in proximity, consider the risk of damage to your shed if they were to fall during a winter storm. Keep trees around your shed maintained to prevent the risk of falling branches or worse still an uprooted tree damaging your shed.

Add Guttering to Your Shed

Installing the right guttering to your shed can help to direct water away, minimising the risk of it getting inside and damaging fixtures, fittings and the contents inside. Ensure guttering is the right size for your shed and keep gutters clean of leaves and debris so water can flow freely.

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