How Can I Organise the Inside of my Shed?

Shed by CPRA shed on your property can be used for many purposes, whether a man cave, an extra storage space or a home for your outdoor and gardening tools and equipment. As the inside of your shed isn’t visible to everyone, it can be easy to keep piling items in and before you know it, you have more stuff than space. When this happens, the inside of your shed not only becomes untidy, but you can no longer find what you’re looking for.   

Ensure the functionality of your shed by keeping the inside organised. Here are just a few ideas how to keep the inside of your shed organised including:

  • Create Separate Areas
  • Use Magnetic Bars
  • Shelving and Storage Tubs

Create Separate Areas

Having different areas for different things is a great way to get started. Work out what is the main purpose of your shed and go from there. Different areas can include a gardening zone with gardening tools, machinery and supplies, an outdoor zone with bikes and outdoor activity items and a work zone with a workbench, tools and handyman supplies. When planning your separate areas, it’s a good idea to place items you use regularly near the entrance.

Use Magnetic Bars

As most garden tools are made of metal, storing them on magnetic bars is a good idea. Strong magnetic bars can be placed in a strip on one or a few walls of your shed or you may choose to make an entire wall magnetic. Save time rummaging through drawers or searching every inch of your shed to find a tool next time you need it, instead have them easily visible so you can simply grab the one you need. When placed high enough, they are also a great way to ensure they stay out of children’s reach.

New shed by CPR Outdoor CentreShelving and Storage Tubs

Shelving is not only a great storage solution, but it frees up floor space in your shed too. Shelving options include permanent fixtures fitted to the walls or free-standing shelving that can be moved around. Take your sheds shelving further by placing storage tubs on the shelving. Label each tub accordingly, for example Christmas decorations or pet supplies, then when required they can be easily identified. 

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