How can I make more space in my Garage?

Double garage

Gone are the days where a garage was that wonderful space where we would hide our things that no longer served a purpose in our homes and then we would allow just enough room for our vehicles, caravans, boats and other fun toys and tools.

Now we have so many more options for this amazing space and with a little planning and a few adjustments we can make this space another great addition to the family home with our storage spaces.

If you are thinking about turning your garage into another living area give yourself an approximate budget to work with that would include insulation, flooring and other fixtures.

Unique Ways to Transform your Garage

  • Man Cave
  • Home Theatre
  • Childs Play Room
  • Home Gym
  • Home Office

Man Cave

Garage by CPR

A great space decorate with sport memorabilia, bar and cocktail area, games room with all the gadgets for entertainment. This is where a professional electrician is vital to rigging up all the cords and installing the right amount of power points for the area.

Home Theatre

If you home has not been equipped for a home theatre, then the garage can be a perfect for bringing this space to life.

Childs Play Room

Children love there toys and they do take up a lot of space in our living areas, so having a special room adequately adapted with shelving, cupboards to place these items will make life so much easier for everyone.

Home Gym

When you find it hard to get to the Gym, what better way than to bring the Gym to you, setting it up with all your equipment you like to use and access the area when you need to.

Home Office

Shed with overhang horizontal Trim-dek

Thinking about running your own business from home? Giving your business a separate entity out of your home can enable more privacy.

Need some Inspiration for your Garage?

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