How Can I Keep My Garage Safe and Secure?

Garage by CPRBeyond a place to store vehicles, a garage can be used for an abundance of other purposes including storage and an extra living space. To ensure you protect any assets in your garage, it’s important to ensure it is safe and secure. Doing so will put your mind at ease that whether you are home or away, any items in your garage area safe and secure.

Read on to learn 3 ways to keep your garage safe and secure including:

  • Ensure all entry doors are fitted with locks
  • Tint or cover windows
  • Install a security light or alarm

Ensure all entry doors are fitted with locks 

Depending where your garage is located on your property, it is important to ensure any entry doors are fitted with locks. While fitting them with locks is the first step, it goes without saying to ensure these locks are put to good use and kept locked too. Depending if your garage is attached or detached from your home, entry doors to your garage can include the main roller door to gain access from your driveway or the front of your home to inside your garage. Other doors can include service door/s to access your home from your garage and the outdoors of your home from your garage.

Tint or cover windows

If your garage is fitted with windows, it’s important to remember that peering eyes may look through to see what you have stored inside. To eliminate this happening, have any windows in your garage tinted so you can see out, but others can’t see in. Consider having window treatments such as roller blinds installed inside or outside the windows in your garage for extra security too.

Install a security light or alarm

Garage Safe and SecureLighting can be another way to help keep your garage safe and secure. Installing security lighting can act as a deterrent if unwanted visitors come close to your garage. A security alarm that alerts you or the police if your garage is broken into, can also help to provide extra security. Having signage displayed on the outside of your garage that it is fitted with an alarm may help to deter unwanted visitors.

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