How Can I Decorate My Patio With Plants?

Well designed patio by CPRWhether a relaxing reading nook on a rainy winters day or a sheltered space to entertain family and friends during winter, a patio can be customised to suit your lifestyle. Before building a patio, homeowners must consider which colours and design features will fit in with the aesthetics of their home. Once you have your patio built, the fun continues when thinking of ways to decorate your patio.

Plants are a great addition to your patio and an ideal and cost-effective way to decorate. Read on to learn 5 ways you can decorate your patio with plants including:

  • Add colour
  • Create privacy
  • Use pots and planter boxes
  • Add Height
  • Herb garden

Add colour

Patios made by CPR Outdoor CentrePlants are a great way to add pops of colour to your patio. Choose plants or flowers that complement or contrast well with the exterior paint colour on your home and your patio furniture. Plants can also help reflect the theme of your patio too. For example, bamboo is a great way to add to a tropical themed patio.

Create privacy

Plants can be strategically placed on your patio to create privacy. If you wish to block the view inside your patio from neighbours decorate the outside of your patio with suitably sized plants. If you wish to separate your patio into separate areas, use plants to partition areas while adding decoration at the same time.

Use pots and planter boxes

Upcycle old pots and planter boxes to suit the colour scheme and theme of your patio. Pots and planter boxes can be grouped together to create a focal point and feature under your patio or positioned in certain areas around the patio to decorate the space.

Add height

Tall plants are a great way to add height and fill in space when decorating your patio. While some plants may look amazing it is important to consider what level of care they will need. When choosing plants to decorate and add height, opt for low maintenance plants that attract few pests and diseases.

Herb garden

Patio - Gable Attached balustradeA herb garden is great way to decorate your patio and can be a real talking point among guests. Many patios have outdoor kitchens and what a wonderful way to cook and prepare food with a variety of herbs ready to be picked and added to your cooking.

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