How Can I Decorate My Deck, or Patio on a Budget?

Summer Patio by CPR

Having a deck or patio built on your home is an addition certainly worth the investment as they all provide a space the whole family can enjoy. With designs and trends continually changing, homeowners are always looking for ways they can decorate these areas without breaking the bank.

Have you considered some budget-friendly ideas to decorate and style your outdoor area? Here are just a few affordable tips to consider: 

  • Install a Vertical Garden
  • Give Old Furniture a New Lease of Life
  • Use Decorative Screens 

Install a Vertical Garden

Adding height to your outdoor area not only fills in space but eliminates the need to spend money on plants to fill the whole of your outdoor area. A vertical garden draws the eye upwards and can be used to decorate a wall, gate or railings around your outdoor area. A vertical garden can be a green wall, fresh herbs, bamboo, hanging flower baskets or any plants or vines that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.

Give Old Furniture a New Lease of Life

Decking by CPR Outdoor Centre

Old furniture can be given a new lease of life in many ways. Wooden furniture can be sanded back and repainted in a new colour to fit in with the design and colour scheme of your outdoor area. Metal furniture can be refinished to make look new again. A table that you consider to now be outdated can be given a fresh look by adding a bright tablecloth or table runner and some modern table settings. Lounges and chairs can be given a totally new look by putting a throw rug over the back of them or adding cushions in a colour or pattern to fit in with the design of the area. Look out for sales at local stores and stock up on different decorative pieces.

Use Decorative Screens 

A decorative screen has many uses in an outdoor area including being a decorative feature, used to create privacy or used to change the layout of your outdoor space. Decorative screens are available in many different types of materials, colours and textures including patterns which can become a real focal point. Create privacy by installing a screen to seclude a certain area of your deck, hide your bins, garden tools or equipment. A screen that is portable means you can change the layout of your deck to suit the occasion. Hosting a gathering? Use a screen to corner off a certain area of your deck, patio or alfresco.

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