How Can I Decorate Around and Infront of My Shed?

Shed by CPRWhen building a shed, the space around and in front of where it will be built is often cleared in the process. Once your shed is installed, many homeowners are looking for ways to decorate this new cleared space. Read on to learn 5 ways to decorate the area around and in front of your shed including:
  • Add a pathway
  • Furniture
  • Plants and flowers
  • Garden statues
  • Create a themed space

Add a Pathway

If access to your shed is via walking on sand or lawn, you may consider adding a pathway as a direct route to your shed. There are many creative ways you can add a pathway including using bricks, wooden planks, gravel or a combination of materials.


The front of your shed may be the perfect space to relax and enjoy the South West weather. Upcycle used furniture and make a space to sit and read the morning paper or enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon.

Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowersPlants and flowers are a great way to add height, texture and even shade to your outdoor space. Choose plants and flowers that are suitable for your environment and opt for vegetation that can be planted in the ground or placed in pots that can be moved around and positioned where you wish.

Garden Statues

Looking for somewhere to put those garden statues and gnomes? Infront of your new shed may be ideal. Line the border of the pathway leading to your shed with garden trinkets or place statues in front of your shed.

Create a Themed Space

If your garden or home has a certain theme, this can be carried through to the space in front or around your shed. An already colourful garden can be enhanced by using bright flowering plants and bright décor in front of your shed. If you are going for more of a rustic theme, upcycle metal or wooden furniture and plant succulents.

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