How Can I Add Privacy to my Patio?

Patio - GableSummer is just days away making it the perfect time of year to spend time creating memories outdoors. The ideal way to enjoy your time spent outdoors is to build a patio or upgrade your existing patio. With numerous design features available, you can customise your patio to suit your lifestyle. 

Once your patio is built and ready to enjoy, a common question pondered is how can you add privacy to your patio? There are many affordable options available including:

  • Partitions
  • Plants and Hedges
  • Patio Blinds


Partitions are screens or portable walls and are the ideal way to divide your patio into areas. The beauty of partitions is they are non-permanent and can be moved to suit your needs. Perhaps you are entertaining and want to block your neighbours view, partitions placed on the perimeter of your patio won’t compromise your space but create privacy. If you are using your patio for multiple purposes partitions are a great way to divide your patio into several smaller areas, perhaps an area for the children to play and an area for Mum and Dad to relax and unwind.

Plants and Hedges

Plants and hedges will create beautiful greenery and bring colour to your patio. Whether hedges planted on the outside perimeter of your patio as a permanent privacy solution or potted plants that can be moved around, both are ideal to create privacy. When choosing which hedges and plants are best, be aware that some take a long time to grow. Bamboo is a popular option as it grows high and is easy to maintain while some artificial hedges and plants look very life like and make a great option for those that don’t fancy themselves as a gardener.

Patio Blinds

Patio blindsPatio blinds, also known as cafe blinds, are a wonderful asset to your patio providing shade, weather protection and privacy. Patio blinds can turn your exposed patio into a beautiful outdoor room that you can use all year round. With operational options of manual or motorised, they can be adjusted then locked in place at any height. Choose to have several placed next to each other or for added privacy, fix your patio blinds to the roof and extend to a fence or wall.

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