How Can Building a Patio Increase My Homes Value?

Patio design by CPR Outdoor CentreBuilding a patio at your home has a long list of benefits. A crowded real estate market means homeowners want to ensure their home is appealing and stands out from the crowd. Building a patio is one way to boost your home’s appeal. Another advantage, often not considered, is it can increase your home’s value too.

Wondering how building a patio can increase your home’s value? Read on to learn three benefits of building a patio and how they can increase your home’s value:

  • Extra Storage Space
  • A patio is multiple purpose
  • Enjoy your patio, no matter the weather

Extra Storage Space

Dome-1-Raised-1Do you accumulate belongings, but are running out of space to store them? You’re not alone. Storage is a big selling point in homes. A patio makes the ideal cost-effective storage solution. Portable storage options could include bookcases to create a home library or multi-purpose furniture items such as chests which can be used as seating plus storage. Homeowner’s are constantly seeking ideas on how to declutter their home and adding a patio is the ideal way to increase your homes storage capacity which in turn, can increase it’s value.

A patio is multiple purpose

For a home to be appealing, it must cater to the requirements of all ages. Whether a first home buyer, investor or empty nester, a home that can show its multi-purpose can have a higher chance of selling for the asking price. A patio is a multi-purpose area which can be customised to all ages and can be changed as the years roll by to suit their current lifestyle.

Gable patioEnjoy your patio, no matter the weather

Whether attached to the existing home or stand alone, a patio can be built in the best place to ensure it can be enjoyed all year around. Showing the transparency of having an outdoor space that can be used no matter the weather, will provide a unique selling point and feature when it comes time to sell your home.

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