How Can a Garage Increase the Value of My Home?

CPR-ShedA home with an impressive garage can certainly catch the eye of potential buyers, boost interest and make your home stand out from the crowd. While a garage has many advantages, one of these can be helping to increase the value of your home. A garage can be used for multiple purposes meaning if a potential buyer falls in love with your home, there can be a better chance you will be offered the asking price when selling.

Wondering how a garage can increase the value of your home? Read on to learn three advantages of building a garage and how they can increase your home’s value including:

  • Protection for assets
  • Additional storage
  • Adaptable as your needs change

Protection for assets 

A garage provides shelter and security for vehicles and boats plus other assets such as bikes, gardening machinery and gym equipment. A home with a garage has an outdoor space that can be used to keep assets safe from the weather and potential damage. This gives peace of mind to homeowners and can be a unique selling point and feature when it comes time to sell your home.

Additional Storage

Do you accumulate belongings, but are running out of space to store them? You’re not alone. Storage is a big selling point in homes. Homeowner’s are constantly seeking ideas on how to declutter their home and adding a garage is the ideal way to increase your homes storage capacity which in turn, can increase its value.

Adaptable as your needs change

shed-garage for that extra spaceFor a home to be appealing, it must cater to people’s requirements. As the years go by, homes dynamics change. A garage is an adaptable space that can be used for multiple purposes from simply a place to store vehicles to an outdoor entertaining area to a teen retreat. Whether a first home buyer, investor or empty nester, a home that can show its multi-purpose can have a higher chance of selling for the asking price.

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