Help Stop Leaves Filling Your Gutters in Winter with Leaf Stopper® Gutter Protection

leaf stopper exampleWinter has arrived in the South West. The fine and warm sunny days of summer have been replaced with cold weather and winter winds and rain. During winter, the gutters on our homes purpose is help drain water away effectively preventing it from entering our home. While your gutters accumulate with leaves all year around, strong winter winds leave gutters filled with more debris than normal. If this debris is not cleared away, it can cause your gutters to not function correctly resulting in damage to the gutters and/or your home.

Looking for a way to help stop leaves and debris filling your gutters during winter? Read on to learn more about Leaf Stopper® Gutter Protection including:

  • How does Leaf Stopper® Gutter Protection work?
  • Where can Leaf Stopper® Gutter Protection be installed?
  • What design, size and colours are available?

How does Leaf Stopper® Gutter Protection work?

The system creates a ski-slope surface and has a patented, tongue and slot fastening system that securely anchors the mesh to the lip of the gutter. On a tiled roof, the other edge passes over the first row of tiles and is secured under the second row. On a metal roof, engineered coloured saddles anchor the mesh securely to the roof and valleys. The design helps stop debris and leaves entering and becoming trapped in gutters meaning there is a better chance they will blow away naturally.

Where can Leaf Stopper® Gutter Protection be installed?

Leaf Stopper® Gutter Protection is suited to both metal and tile roofs and constructed from durable aluminium. It can be installed on most homes, buildings and even water tanks and suitable to most roof types including tile, metal corrugated and metal deck.

What design, size and colours are available?

Leaf stopper installationThe type of roof you have and if your gutters have an edge or valley determine which Leaf Stopper® Gutter Protection kit is best for you. Various lengths are available from 5 to 30 metres and over 20 colours to choose from that are Colorbond® compatible.

Call CPR Outdoor Centre – Patios and Sheds to have your gutters fitted with Leaf Stopper® Gutter Protection this winter

CPR Outdoor Centre is proud to be an approved installer of Leaf Stopper® Gutter Protection throughout the South West. The team can help answer any questions you have and recommended which Leaf Stopper Gutter Protection® is most suitable to your needs. The team will manage the whole process including expert advice, a free quote and installation.

Servicing Bunbury, Busselton and the South West call the team today on 9726 2311.

Photo credits to Leaf Stopper