Give your patio Christmas Spirit

Christmas is summer in Australia, hot and great for entertaining. Make the most of your holiday time and spend it with your family on the patio or deck.

Here are 5 tips to bring that real Christmas spirit to your outdoor entertaining area.Christmas deco. Merry Xmas from CPR Outdoor Centre

1: Choose a colour theme for your decorations

Choose your colour theme. Traditional red and silver, green and gold are always good combinations. Remember, simple is beautiful! Don’t over complicate it with too many colours.

2: Dress your center table to make your colour theme

Your center table will be the center of attraction in your patio or deck. It should be dressed according to your chosen theme to make it part of the whole picture. Don’t worry about overdoing things, just be you. Style your outdoor living space according to your personality and preference, but keep in mind to always stick to your colour theme.

3: Decorate with candles

Candles can give really amazing results to your outdoor area especially at night time. They are fabulous and give an aromatic atmosphere to your home. Candles with citrus in its ingredients can keep mosquitoes away and at the same time gives a very refreshing odour to the room.

4: Decorate with lollies – a favourite with the children

Children give your Christmas a very unique and special sense. Their smile and laughter can really lighten things up. Give your kids their own space in your outdoor entertainment area. Lollies are still best decorating option that your kids will surely love. Colorful candy canes hanging in a Christmas tree can be mouthwatering for them, little kids and big ones alike.

5: Decorate with colourful lights

Christmas should be merry and bright. Lights are an essential element of every Christmas decorations.  They add more Christmas meaning to your patio or deck. Choose lights that will complement well with your chosen colour theme. You and your family will be very amazed sitting in your outdoor living space, with candles, candies and lights.

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