Get your patio ready for an Easter barbeque!

flat (12)From a dinner party with close friends to a casual cookout with the family, your patio can be the perfect place to entertain. It’s like having dinner while enjoying the outdoor view. Now that the Easter is just a few weeks away, you need to get your patio ready for a barbeque!

The Easter is a great time to celebrations in here in Western Australia. It is the perfect time to say goodbye to summer and to enjoy the start of the mild autumn weather. Get your patio ready for a lovely relaxing, fun barbeque with friends and families before the weather turns cold. Here’s how:

Check your patio furniture

Look at your patio furniture and see if they need some TLC or maintenance. If necessary, add more chairs. A barbeque is great fun and everyone will need their own chair. If you are having a very big party, remember you can always ask your guest to bring an extra chair.

Clean the area

Have a cleanup, sweep out any leaves, dust off the cobwebs and wash down your furniture if necessarily. Cleaning is best done the day before so it has time to dry. Now you will be ready to add some decorations or even a few colourful pots to add to your Easter theme.

Set your patio

Make sure your patio looks good. Apart from cleaning it, consider decorating it. You can decorate your patio with Easter decorations to increase the feeling of the Easter. You could add an Easter tree as a table decoration or a larger one at the edge of your patio.

That way, your guests will be constantly reminded that it is not just an ordinary barbeque, but a special Easter party –something that you will only celebrate once a year.

By using the tips it is easy to get your patio ready for an Easter barbeque.

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