Need to Buy A Gate?

Gates are perfect for securing your yard, providing privacy, allowing side access or covering unsightly parts of your home, but they don’t need to be boring. Whether you require a standard Colorbond gate or a wooden gate to suit your existing timber fencing, CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury and CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton are the professionals in gate manufacture and installation.

CPR Outdoor Centre manufacture, supply and can install your gate to fit any opening, adhering to the highest Australian Standards, with a strong emphasis on quality and safety. Before you choose your gate, here are some tips on how to choose the best, moving part of your fence line.

Wooden Gates & fence
Double Gate - Colorbond
  • Style To Suit
  • Hinges and Hardware
  • Location
  • Pet and Child Safe
  • Security

Style To Suit

When you meet with your gate consultant, make sure you have a firm idea of the style you require. You need something that will compliment your existing home and fence line (if it is already established), as well as being functional and secure, but be open to ideas if your consultant presents them. Sometimes a different material or style could be just the point of difference you are looking for.

Hinges and Hardware

Ensure the gate you choose comes with high quality hinges, latches and screws. All of CPR Outdoor Centre gates are manufactured with premium quality products so you are assured of the best hardware for your gate.


On first choosing your gate, consider its’ location. If you have a side access opening, you probably won’t need an opener, however if your new gate is part of your front fence and opening into your property, chances are you will be needing an automatic opener, for convenience and safety sake. Discuss these features with your consultant at the start to avoid costly upgrades later.

Pet and Child Safe

The gate you choose might look fantastic, but will your small dog be able to escape through any large gaps? Can your child catch their fingers or easily push through a gate that is meant to keep them inside the yard? CPR Outdoor Centre pride themselves on being a family owned company and the safety of your family is one of our top concerns. Our best designs not only look brilliant, but keep your family safe as well.


Gates not only keep children and pets inside your property, but can also be designed to keep people from entering from the outside. If security is your main concern when choosing your new gates, CPR Outdoor Centre can assist with this and provide a wide range of extra features to give you peace of mind with your new gate choice.

Who Can Help Me With Choosing A New Gate?

CPR Outdoor Centre can assist you with all your gate selection, designs and installations.

Servicing the whole of the south west including Bunbury, Eaton, Australind, Dalyellup, Capel, Dunsborough, Busselton, Margaret River, Harvey, Collie, Brunswick and everywhere in between.

We manufacture on site and pride themselves on premium quality products at affordable prices.

Call the CPR Outdoor Centre team 9726 2311 servicing Bunbury, Busselton and surrounding areas in the South West; a free quote and see what adding a custom designed gate can do for your fence line.