How much does it cost to build a garage?

Shed with overhang horizontal Trim-dekWhen it comes to building a garage there are a lot of factors that can come into play. Garage construction costs will be determined by homeowners – depending on how you want to build your new garage. There are a couple of common categories that affects your garage construction costs.

Use of the garage

If you need a larger space for your workshop, small office or extra storage, a garage or shed is perfect. Smaller garages can be attached to your home.

Location and Materials

Temple Roof SheetsWhere will your new garage be built? Is the ground level? What kind of site works will be needed? These are all questions you need to answer to work out what will affect the costs.

Colourbond steel or Zincalume is the perfect material to build your new garage. It is a quality product that is perfectly suited to Australian conditions and if you choice colourbond you have a variety of colours to match to your home’s colour scheme.

Garage Door

Your door should be sturdy enough to keep your car and things inside safe all the time, do your need a small personal access door (PA Door) or windows as well?  For your door you can choose between a manually operated or electronically operated garage doors.
Shed - Margaret River Frame 2


How much are you willing to spend? What extra options do you require?

Remember it is cheaper to add the extras now if your budget will allow than custom fir them later. Your budget should include the cost of:

  • Prices of the materials
  • Cost of labour
  • Transportation
  • Building permit
  • Flooring
  • Site works
  • Electrical work if required
  • And other services

In order to build a garage that fits your needs, contact CPR Outdoor Centre today. Our garages are designed to comply with all relevant codes and we can do the complete installation if you require. Call CPR Outdoor to discuss your needs and get a free quote!