Here are 10 of the most frequently asked questions about patios.

How to determine outdoor patio prices?

To calculate the cost of a patio, you need to know the estimated size of your patio.

What type of materials you would like your patio to be made from?

DIY kit or fully installed?

What ground works are needed?

Council permits and the list go on.

The easiest way to determine the cost of your new patio is get a free quote from CPR Outdoor Centre in Bunbury or Busselton, then you will know the exact costs and what is required.

Where to get patio designs Bunbury?

At CPR Outdoor you can get a variety of great patio designs for your new patio. We offer a large range of designs, colour, shape and size to suit your taste and needs.

Does colorbond warranty apply to CPR Patios?

Yes, CPR patios have colorbond warranty to guarantee you long lasting performance. Made from colorbond steel, all our patios require low maintenance to keep it durability for a long time.

With colorbond steel, your patios can match perfectly with your roofs. Colorbond steel is corrosion resistant steel to provide you extreme protection perfect for Australian conditions.

Do you build enclosed patios?

Yes, we build enclosed patios to provide you extreme security and protection against harsh elements and unwanted guests. Let us know your requirements and we can give you a free quote.

Can you build a patio as well as a shed in Bunbury?

Absolutely yes! We are your reputable patio and shed specialists in Bunbury. We can build durable patio and sheds to suit your exact needs. Garages, carports, rain water tanks too.

What type of roof designs can you have in a patio?

CPR Outdoor Centre provides large range of roof designs such as dome roof, gable roof and flat roof. Just tell us your specific needs as we specialise custom build roofs for your patio.

Can I have colorbond gutters on my patio?

Your new gutter will not be made of colorbond because that is the name of the roofing material. Your gutters can be powder coated to match your colorbond roof to ensure rust-free gutters, keeping it clean and long lasting.

Can gutters withstand heavy downpour in winter?

Yes! We can replace your existing domestic gutter with a larger box gutter to compensate extra rainwater that flows off your roofs.

Do you build patio or shed yourself?

Of course. We pride ourselves that we can build your entire patio and shed right into your place. We are professional patio builders with great experience to fit your exact needs.

Can I have my own choice of colour and design?

Yes, we specialise custom build sheds and patios. You are free to choose which colour or material you want to build your patio or shed from. We are your patio people to build your unique design in the highest standard. Ask to a free quote.

CPR Outdoor are your patio people!

Do you have another question? For inquiries and free quotes contact CPR Outdoor on Bunbury 08 9726 2311