Easy DIY outdoor chandelier

Got nothing to do this weekend? Make us of your time, do something that will make your outdoor space gorgeous – especially during at night. If you’ve been planning to add lights on your patio, why not create this DIY pretty outdoor chandelier? It’s easy to make and its tiny white lights will make your patio glow at night!

This DIY chandelier from All Things Heart & Home will give off soft light, perfect for lovely and warm long nights on your patio.


It’s lovely,  isn’t it? The great thing about is you can make it pretty quick and hang it on your patio after for you to enjoy!

Here’s what you will need:

Grapevine Balls in 2 different sizes (10cm  up to 18cm is good)

2 sets of 50 count white lights with brown wires

Garden twine

Flexible branches


Now, you are ready to create your DIY chandelier.


Lights inside the ball1.Thread the lights inside the balls. Wrapping it outside will cause the light to stick out of the ball and will look like a porcupine so get the lights inside.




Tie the lights2. Tie them in place with a bit of garden twine.






arranging the balls3. Arrange the balls accordingly. You can put the largest at the end or the small one – it’s up to you.





balancing4. Balanced the birch branch on a couple of chairs as you worked with the placement. If you don’t want any of the wiring to show, the balls had to touch and be fairly stationary.




cord5. Don’t worry about the cord. See the cord in the photo below? It’s really not noticeable unless you look at it from this angle!




thread burlap ribbon6. Thread the ribbon through them, tying it off under the branch.





You can now connect the lights to an outdoor extension cord. Make sure the plugs of the two cords are hidden between one loop of the ribbon. The extension cord goes down the side of your patio and can be hidden between the screen and the railing.

Here’s what your patio will look like at night:

DIY chandelier at night

Your patio will instantly look lovely at night, giving off a romantic and cosy look – perfect for late dinner with your special someone maybe? Or, together with family. Whatever it maybe, this DIY outdoor chandelier is definitely something you should not miss putting in your patio.

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