Do You Need to Insulate A Shed?


Your backyard shed can be a storage solution for many things or an added extension to the family home so depending on what is being stored having some added protection added to your shed could be very beneficial especially if the shed space is used for entertainment value.

Insulation can be great for a sound barrier and helping with the temperatures of the outside this can all make the inside environment that little bit more comfortable. If an insulated shed is something of interest it is best to set a plan on what you would like to store in the shed as well as the use for the space which could determine exactly how much insulation to go with.

Areas for Insulation

  • Roofing
  • Flooring
  • Doors and Windows
  • Walls


Shed - 3 complete ext

Insulation in roofing needs adequate ventilation space, especially in a shed that has heating, as condensation can form with the temperature changes, causing rusting or mould growth. Having a gap above insulation will allow air flow during the moisture exchange.


If the shed is not directly flat on the ground surface, insulation could be fixed to the underneath, otherwise insulation from the inside is just as good. Giving a vapour or air barrier will have an added protection.

Doors and Windows

Having a door insulated on the shed could involve reinforcing with extra frame work, depending on the design. As the door is a main entry point and gets used the most so having the right structure is important. When it comes to the windows an option could be having double pane windows installed or covering the area with insulated plastic.


Inside shed

Common type of wall insulation is the use of an air barrier which keeps the air outside and the warmth or cooling temperatures inside. Another option would be pink bats installed in between studded walls or foam boarding, although this option could be tempting to animals if livestock are housed in there.

Would Like to Look at Some Options for A Shed?

CPR Outdoor Centre can supply, install your shed with all Council and Water Corporation approvals. The use of BlueScope Steel and the Colorbond range will give you the shed you are looking for.

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