Do I Need a Permit to Build a Patio Area at My Bunbury or Busselton Home?

Build a patio in BunburyA patio provides the ideal space to create memories with family and friends. No matter the weather, you can enjoy the surrounds, fresh air and not be couped up indoors while relaxing under your patio. The decision to build a patio is an exciting one with many choices to make including location, size, colour and design. However, before any construction can begin it is important to understand any restrictions or permits required.

CPR Outdoor Centre Patio’s and Sheds have been servicing Bunbury, Busselton and the South West for many years. The team have up to date and relevant knowledge on what is required when it comes to permits and restrictions when constructing a patio area including:

  • What is the allowed height of a patio?
  • What size patio needs a permit?
  • How long does patio approval take?

What is the Allowed Height of a Patio?

When it comes to height, there are restrictions when it comes to the allowed height of posts and your patio’s roof. Most patios have either a flat or gable roof and if you want maximum roof height a gable roof is recommended. A gable patio roof visually resembles a triangular shape with two side of equal length meeting in the middle to form the pitch. If you choose a gable roof for your patio, you will need to decide on the pitch. The higher the pitch, or the point of the triangle, the more materials will be required.

What Size Patio Needs a Permit?

The Western Australia Building Regulations 2012 state that construction, erection, assembly or placement of a free standing patio with a floor area of 10 metre squared or less and an overall height of no more than 2.4 metres doesn’t require a Building Permit. This is general information so it is imperative to check with your council or CPR Outdoor Centre – Patio and Sheds for confirmation. If you live in a residential zone or on a corner block, boundary limits must also be considered.

How Long Does Patio Approval Take?

Gardiner, Edith Gable PatioThe Building Act sets councils a timeframe in which requests for a building permit must be assessed. Generally, the timeframe for approval is 25 business days from lodgement date with your local council however this timeframe can change with added demand. If further information is required, homeowners are given an extra 21 calender days to lodge this additional information.  Generally, a building permit for a patio will expire after 2 years from the date of issue, however extensions may be available if extra time is needed for completion.

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* This is general information please check with your local council or CPR Outdoor Centre