Do I Need a Building Permit to Build a Patio

Gardiner, Edith Gable PatioWhether you are looking for a place to read a book and enjoy warm spring days or an entertainers’ delight to host a barbeque, a patio can be built to suit your lifestyle. With a large range of options when it comes to colour, size, and design, a patio makes the ideal addition to any dwelling. 

A common question asked by home owners when building a patio is will they require a building permit. Here is some important information to consider: 

• What Can Be Built 

• The Size of the Patio

• Timeframes 

What Can Be Built 

Gable patio with wooden infillA patio can be freestanding or attached to a dwelling and if enclosed, will normally only be closed on 1 or 2 sides. There are restrictions when it comes to the maximum allowed height of posts and roofs. Most patios have either a flat, gable or a combination roof with a gable roof allowing more height allowance. When a patio is being built in a residential zone, you must also consider boundary limits and if you’re dwelling is on a corner block. 

The Size of the Patio 

The Building Regulations 2012 state that construction, erection, assembly or placement of a free standing patio with a floor area of 10 metre squared or less and an overall height of no more than 2.4 metres doesn’t require a Building Permit. Check your local council regulation s to be sure. 


Patios by CPRThe Building Act sets councils a timeframe in which they must assess requests for a building permit. Generally, the timeframe for approval of a building permit application is 25 business days from lodgement date with local council. If further information is required, homeowners are given an extra 21 calendar days to lodge this additional information. Generally, a building permit for a patio will expire after 2 years from the date of issue, however extensions may be available if extra time is needed for completion. 

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To speak to the professionals about adding a patio to your home contact the CPR Outdoor Centre team today. The team at CPR pride themselves on providing excellent customer service in a friendly and professional manner. We offer expert and up to date advice on local council permit requirements. 

Do I Need a Building Permit to Build a Patio? 

Depending on the size and location, you may not need a permit; however, it is always best to check. If you are looking at having your patio built by a professional CPR Outdoor Centre have extensive knowledge and have submitted hundreds if not thousands of building permits to the local shires and councils. CPR Outdoor Centre will make it as easy as possible for you. 

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This is general information please check with your local council or CPR Outdoor Centre.