DIY Tyre Flower Planter Tutorial

Does your patio look gray and boring? Adding a splash of colour can make your patio look bright and warm, just the way you like it. What better way to make your patio cosier than adding a planter? This super easy DIY outdoor decorating/planter from DIY Show Off is a must have for your patio.


There on the wall? Isn’t it happy? It’s simply hanging on a big humungous sturdy nail. When the party ends, the tyre planter is moved to an exterior wall for sunshine and rain/watering. It’s awkward but not too heavy or difficult for moving around to maintain.

To create this lovely DIY tyre planter, here are the materials you will need.


  • Old tyre
  • Valspar spray paint (color is Exotic Sea)
  • potting soil
  • flowers.
  • I already had some leftover fabric weed barrier from the pallet herb garden and some packing peanuts on hand.
  • Optional: chain and s-hook.


upcycled-tire-planter1. Gave the tyre a good scrubbing with soap and water and let it dry.





spray-painting-tire2. Gave it a couple of coats of spray paint (paint + primer). Let dry.





drilling-drainage-holes-in-tire-planter3. Next, used a 13mm drill bit to drill 6 holes into the ‘bottom’ of the tyre for drainage. This takes a sharp bit and a lot of pressure and also produces a little smoke.




drainage-for-hanging-tire-flower-planter4. Then lined the bottom with a piece of fabric weed barrier and a few styrofoam packing peanuts.




tire-flower-planter-tutorial5. Time to plant!





tire-swing-planter-drainage6. Arrange your plants on how you liked it – the choice is yours! See, the drainage holes work!




how-to-hang-a-tire-flower-planter7. Should you want to  hang it from a tree, use chain (double hanging length, add about 25.4 cm for in the tyre and more for the size of your tree limb). Wrap chain around tree branch and secure end pieces inside of the tire with an “s” hook.



And it will look like this:


Wherever you choose to put your DIY tyre planter, it sure will make your outdoor space more liveable and a happy place to hang out. Make use of your old tyre, recycle it and create something beautiful out of it. It’s pretty easy, fast, simple and create a gorgeous decor for your patio!

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