DIY Sheds – How to Install Sheds: An easy guide

I assume that as you are reading this, your plan of installing a shed on your own is still in the back of your head.DIY Sheds

First, let me emphasize shortly the importance of having a shed in your garden or backyard. As you may have noticed that regardless of the area of your backyard or garden, a shed is a man best friend.

You would always need a place to keep all your garden tools and small equipment in an arranged manner so that locating it for the next use wouldn’t take you much time.

This is where proper planning is needed. The first step in installing a shed is to have a sound plan.

  • Foundations. This will require you to dig deeply for your foundations or concrete. This will be your shed’s entire support we can advise the depth supportable for your ground type.

You can then start with the shed’s framework once the floor has been properly placed, set and cured. Layout where your door and window (If applicable) will be to speed up your installation of the framework. After that, you can now install the roof supports. Install walls, then doors and windows. But keep in mind to always leave a space for electrical wires.

Your shed will look great by then so you can start on customizing inside of the shed. Depending on the quantity of tools you will store in your shed, decide the number of cabinets, shelves and compartments to install.

Finally, enjoy the finishing touches. Feel proud! You have installed a shed on your own.

All too hard! Remember CPR Outdoor Centre can do the lot for you. Permits – supply- foundations- install.

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