DIY Rock Covered Bucket

Got nothing to do over the next few days? Children are having a break from school? Apart from cooking for your children and planning your holiday trip, this DIY rock covered bucket can keep you busy and entertained at the same time! You can use it as decor on your patio. It will surely look lovely!

This DIY rock covered bucket from Centsational Girl will give your patio an instant facelift!

Imagine this sitting on your patio. Don’t you just love it? It’s gorgeous, right? Here’s what you need to do.


strong (not flimsy!) metal can or bucket
2 sheets 300mm x 300mm river rock mesh tile
thin set mortar
grout (sanded or nonsanded)
putty knife, large sponge

If you want to make it a planter, punch a few holes in the bottom with a hammer and a thick nail first for drainage. Now, get ready to make your very own rock covered bucket.


apply-thin-set-to-bucket1. Apply a thick layer of thin set mortar then cutting the mesh tile with a box cutter and layering the tile on the outside of the bucket. Let it dry after for about an hour or two.




apply-river-rock-tile-to-bucket2. When it’s totally dry, start applying river rock tile to your bucket. Make sure every part of the bucket is properly covered with rock pebbles. Let it dry again – all night long.




mix-up-grout3. Then next day, mix up some grout, added it with a putty knife.





wipe-off-excess-grout-with-sponge4. Then removed excess with a sponge.





Time to put your favourite flowering plant on your newly created DIY rock covered bucket. The result is gorgeous! It can sit prettily on your patio table – adding warmth and colour to your outdoor space.

rock-covered-bucket-cgIt’s a great focal point in your patio that always sparks up a conversation – it would also make a great indoor accent, perhaps for storing bathroom towels or toiletries? The option is yours!

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