DIY Mason Jar Patio Lights

Mason jar projectNeed a project to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

Why not create something that would make your patio experience more fun? Try this DIY Mason Jar patio lights that you can do in just a few minutes!

This was an inexpensive project and only took a few minutes to make from a DIY article at Douse In Pink. Here are the easy steps to follow:

DIY Mason Jar Patio Lights

Supplies needed:

Mason jars
Small solar lights
Glass gems or marbles


Mason jar1.Remove the stakes from the solar lights. Unscrew the top cap where the light is housed and turn the light on, then put the cap back on. Put the light face down in the mason jar.





Mason jar with marbles2. Fill the mason jar with the glass gems or marbles.






Mason jar3. Put the top on the jar and you’re done!





Once they sit in the sun for the day they will be glowing all night. You will love how they turned out. These lights are great and can be easily moved around to  anywhere outside. On the patio table, along a seating wall or walkway. You could use a heavy duty but flexible wire and hooks to hang them from tree branches.

Lovely lights for your patio

With these lovely DIY mason jar that you can do in just minutes, you’d love to stay longer on your patio!

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