DIY hanging flower cans

Does your patio look boring? Want to spice things up? What about adding some plants?

Patio plants are common but sometimes, you have to put a twist on it – why not make a hanging flower cans? Your patio will surely stand out from the rest of the patio in your neighbourhood!

Your friends and neighbours will come asking you how you do it! This DIY hanging flower cans from Stuff Steph Does will surely look gorgeous in your patio or hang it in your fence – the choice is yours.
hanging tins
Now, for the materials you will need.

Materials needed:

  • Tin cans
  • Spray paint
  • Clothesline
  • Hammer and nails
  • Drill and metal bit

All set now? Good – here you go!


drill holes1. Punch holes in the bottom for drainage and drill the holes in the back for  hanging. Use the hammer for the drain holes and a drill with a metal bit for the rope holes. Make sure you get it just big enough for the rope to go through, not too big.



paint2. Give ’em a few good coats of spray paint. However many you need until it looks good. Let them dry.




tie-rope3. Put one of the rope through one of your rope holes and knot it. Then decide on your length and cut the other end accordingly. Knot that end through the other hole.




Now, you’re done! Voila! A hanging pot! Here’s a hanging pot with coriander, chocolate mint, and rosemary in mine. What will you put in yours? Whatever it will be, it will have the same effect on your patio or fences – it can add that style and uniqueness all the same!
hanging garden tins




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