DIY garden planter & birds bath

Do you love to spend your lazy afternoons on  your patio? Do you enjoy the warm breeze and the sounds of the chirping of the birds? Who wouldn’t? It feels good to be close to nature! If your an outdoor person, make your patio more inviting! Why not do some DIY project that you can use as a patio decor?

A DIY garden planter & birds bath perhaps? That sound’s great! A planter will surely make your patio cosy and a bird bath does look pretty awesome too! Here’s a tutorial from Home Stories on how to create a DIY garden planter & birds bath.

Bird bathSo, how to create this stunning project? Prepare the materials first.


  • 1 243cm tall terracotta pot for the base
  • 4 182cm tall pots
  • 1  120-150″ tall pot
  • 157 cm piece of rebar
  • Spray paint primer
  • Spray paint in your colour choice
  • Discarded globe from “boob light”.
  • Little ceramic bird (Optional but uber cute.)
  • Household/Aquatic Adhesive

Note: Please use your own measurements and judgement when recreating this project. These are just guidelines to follow. Be creative and add your own flair, pot sizes, rebar size, birdbath top, paint colour, etc.

All set and ready? Here’s what to do next!


spray painted pots1. Prime all of your pots and then spray paint them in whichever colour you choose. You can use 1 spray paint colour or mix and match – the choice is yours. For this, we use blue spray paint.




flower planter bird bath2. Measure the height of all of your pots and then add 61cm to that number to determine the length of your rebar. Cut your rebar to size using a hacksaw. Use a hammer to pound the rebar into the ground at least two feet down so that it will hold your heavy pots.



diy garden3. Thread your pots onto the rebar and fill with soil. Alternately tilt each pot from right to left, filling with soil as you go.




Tilt opposite4. Thread the next pot into the rebar and tilt in opposite direction.





pound rebar5. Keep layering the pots until you reach the end. Pound rebar into the ground further if needed.





Bowl6. Take the globe from a flush-mount light (frequently found at second hand shops) and place it onto the top of the rebar. The bowl will be resting on the top flower pot but the rebar should thread all the way up into the birdbath bowl. Don’t have a globe? Use a bowl. Use adhesive to attach the bird and to seal around the gap between the bowl and rebar hole. You might want to wait 24 hrs for the adhesive to dry off completely so don’t put water yet.

And, plant your flowers and enjoy! See, so easy to make, takes a little of your time but the result can be rewarding! Enjoy your new DIY garden planter and bird bath!

DIY garden planter & birds bath
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