DIY Garage – Is it a good choice?

Custom Designed Sheds for you by CPR Outdoor CentreYou know your car needs protection. For this protect a garage is a good option.

A garage is a perfect place to store your car.

If you don’t have a garage yet, it’s high time you get one.

You have two options:

  • Have it installed for you
  • Or a DIY garage

Both of these can get you a new garage but your choice should depend on a lot of factors.

Having your garage installed for you is a good choice, especially if you don’t have the time or the skills to do the work yourself. Having a garage installed will be quick and hassle free all the council permits are done, ground works etc, just sit back and watch the progress and before long you will be enjoying your new garage.

The second option is the best choice if you have the

  • Time
  • Satisfaction of the project
  • Skills
  • Fit to your budget

Time and Willingness

Are you busy with work? Do you have the patience to finish the task right through to the end? Some people might say “I can do it!”, “it’s a great idea!” but end up not finishing the task. Not finishing it will end up costing you more money or a product that you can’t use.

Finish the task from the start to finish and get your car protected will be a satisfying thing.


Do you want to build your own garage with yourself? Do you want to make yourself proud because you built something on your own? Many of us wanted to have that kind of excitement. DIY garage gives you the chance to really show you are a handyman.

Downside is you have to organize everything yourself from council building permits to ground works.

Good news is if you buy your DIY Garage Kit from CPR Outdoor Centre it comes with everthing you need to build your dream garage.


Are you a handyman, love to get your teeth into a real project?

If you have the skills and time then a DIY kit is a perfect way for your to build your new garage.


A DIY garage is affordable. Why? Because you are not paying for labour, site management or council building permits. With DIY garage, you build it yourself, do any site management yourself and deal with council yourself thus you eliminate the labour cost.

DIY Garage: Is it a good choice?

DIY garage is a good choice for you if you have the time, skill and patience to follow the project through.

At CPR Outdoor Centre we can supply and install, or just supply a complete DIY kit for you to install, call today to discuss your exact  requirements and get a free quote.