DIY Air Plant Hanger

Does your patio look bare? Do you want to add something that will make it appear more welcoming? Why not add some plants? Adding a few planter on your patio is like having a breathe of fresh air – literally plus it will make your patio inviting, especially on hot days!

However, wouldn’t it be nicer if you use a planter with your own touch? Like an air plant hanger perhaps? Yes, that would look awesome! Here’s a DIY air plant hanger from DIY Network – so simple you can do it in half a day!
Plant hanger So, what will you need to do this cute, gorgeous plant hanger? Here are the materials you will need.


  • Oven
  • Baking sheet
  • Biscuit cutter (7.62 cm)
  • Premo! Sculpey Oven-Bake Clay
  • Clay texturing sheet (optional)
  • Nylon cord

Prepared all the needed materials? Here’s the instructions.


Clay1. Condition the Clay. Start out by ripping off enough clay from your block to make a shape that can be cut into a 7.62 cm circle with your biscuit cutter and be 0.25 cm thick. Condition the clay by rolling it either in between your hands or on top of a clean work surface. When the clay feels very pliable, it’s ready to be shaped.



Clay rollout2. Roll Out the ClayNext, roll out your clay into a large oval shape using a small rolling pin. Make sure to measure your shape and see that’s it 0.25 cm thick.




Adding Texture3. Add Texture. If you like, trying adding some texture to the top of your saucer with a clay texturing sheet. Press the plastic sheet into your clay and slowly roll your rolling pin over the top a few times. Remove the sheet.




Clay cutting4. Cut the Clay. Place your biscuit cutter on top of your rolled-out clay and cut out your circle shape. Remove the clay from the cutter. Using your stylus tool or a chopstick, create four holes in the saucer to act as threading points for the nylon cord. Thinking of a clock, position the holes at 12-3-6-9. When the holes have been made place your saucer on a foil-lined baking sheet and place into the over, per the manufacturer’s directions. Remove from the oven once completely baked and let cool.


Nylon Cord5. Add Nylon CordIt’s time to add the nylon cord to your saucer. Their colors are very vibrant and when tied together the cord creates a strong knot.




Hanging Length6. Determine Hanging LengthLook around your house – where would you like to display your plant? Once you’ve determined that, measure how long your cord needs to be to achieve your desired hanging length. Double that amount for each piece so that you can string the cord through the hanging holes and tie it all together.



Knotting cords together7. Knot Cords Together. Pull all of your cords up and gather together. Tie a simple knot with enough of a loop to act as a hanging point. Your saucer is ready for a plant! Place your air plant in the saucer. Use the cords to help position the plant and keep it in place. It should rest easily on top of the saucer for you to admire.



There you go! Your simple DIY plant hanger is now up and ready to be admired! No fancy container to show off your plants – just a simple DIY hanger to let the attention be focused on the plant itself. If you feel the same way, why not make this DIY plant hanger? You’ll congratulate yourself later, that’s a promise!
Plant hanger
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