What is the Difference between Patios and Alfresco Area?

gable (14)Many homeowners want to maximize their outdoor living areas by putting up wonderful patios and alfresco. These two additional home structures are a perfect transition between the outdoor and indoor areas of the home. Over the last decades, both of these features have evolved into very useful and sophisticated structures that are a real asset to your home.

Ever wondered what the difference between a patio and an alfresco area is?

What is the Difference between Patios and Alfresco Area?

What is a Patio?

This outdoor structure is basically described as an additional portion of your home, it is attached to the house or building. There is no need to alter any part of the house if you want to build a patio next to it. A patio is an ideal place to relax with family and friends, patios make entertaining easy.

What is an Alfresco?

An alfresco area is the extension of the house your home built under the main roof. It usually appears as part of the original structure of the roof and is intended to improve the aesthetic value of the house

Outdoor Entertaining

Both patios and alfresco areas ae great for outdoor entertaining extending your living area and making the most of this lovely weather is always a treat for you family. Which should you choose; if you are building a new home it will depend on the design of your house to whether you can incorporate an alfresco area. A patio can be added to any home immediately after it has been build or at any other stage and is the perfect addition to an existing home too.

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