Decorating Your Patio For Christmas

patio gable styleChristmas is the perfect time for entertaining on your patio. Not just restricted to Christmas Day, entertaining in your outdoor space is the epitome of Australian culture and it does not take much to decorate your patio to make your guests feel welcome and to truly embrace the spirit of the festive season.

You’ve made the effort to decorate the inside of your home for Christmas, why not extend it out onto the patio? Don’t let the presence of pets deter you, there are many options that will have your outdoor entertaining area looking festive without being a tempting chew toy for the dogs or a nesting place for the birds.

Some ideas that work well under Australian patios include:

  • Lights
  • Tinsel and Bunting
  • The Christmas Tree


Close-up of fairy lightWhat’s Christmas without lights? Every year, more and more families are decorating the façade of their homes with brilliant lights of all colours to celebrate this special time of the year. Extend them into your patio and add to the jolly mood. You don’t have to stop there; inflatables and garden ornaments are fun to adorn the space, and enjoy Christmas music playing from some more imaginative decorations that are available.

Tinsel and Bunting

Inexpensive and extremely decorative, you cannot have Christmas without tinsel. Easy to hang and drape and quite hardy against the elements, tinsel will turn your entertaining area into a Christmas Cave. Get the kids to create some traditional bunting, a great alternative to store bought decorations, and hang from the rafters.

The Christmas Tree

christmas treeWho said that the tree has to stay inside? If your space is well sheltered from the elements and you are celebrating the big day under your patio roof, with lunch and festivities all taking place outside, set your tree up outside and bring the ultimate Christmas decoration to the party!

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