Could I use a Patio for Entertainment Space?

Summer PatioPatios are a fantastic way to add extra space to your home offering a sheltered area for entertaining family and friends all year round.

When creating that entertainment space, your patio needs design and construction to be of the highest quality.

Patios come in all sizes, colours and shapes and the staff at CPR Outdoor Centre have the complete customer service your looking to help you in creating your addition. Quality materials of Bluescope Steel and Colorbond, constructed to Australian Standards giving your patio strength and durability.

What Patio Roof Style Can I Choose?

  • Gable
  • Dome
  • Flat
  • Hip End

Gable patio with wooden infillGable

If you need a stand alone patio or a patio that can be the same height as your homes roof, then Gable is the way to go. Gable Patios have two pitched sides that are joined in the middle and the size can be varied to suit your outdoor area space.


Dome patios offer a modern contemporary touch with the flexibility of curvature of either low curve or high curve giving a wonderful open space. Domes work well by themselves or can be added in combination with other roof types.


Flat style can be joined to the framework of your home that gives an extra add on to space from the inside of your home. Materials of colorbond sheeting or polycarbonate will give the option of extra light under the patio space.

Hip End Patio by CPR OutdoorHip End

Hip End Patios are a different variety of the Gable Patio and are used at the ends to give a finish to complete the style of the patio.

Do you want to get your entertainment area started?

Contact CPR Outdoor Centre they can give you different options for your space so you can cater for your entertainment needs. Call the team today at Bunbury 9726 2311 or Busselton on 9754 2657 for your free quote.