Common mistakes to avoid when building a carport

Carports for every needGot an extra space at home? If you don’t have a place for your car yet, it’s worth having an a carport built. A carport is a safe place to store your car and is great place when want extra space to entertain your friends and guests, especially during warm weather. It’s nice to be outside and enjoy the lovely weather!


Carports are easy to build and could be your perfect solution. Carports are affordable and can be erected even with a limited space. However, there are common mistakes people tend to make when building a carport. It’s great to know so you can avoid these costly mistakes.

  • Not having a design
  • Not getting a building permit
  • Not choosing the materials carefully
  • Not preparing the ground correctly

Not having a design

Carports may sound simple but many people make the mistake of not having it designed. When you are not sure with your design, seek out the help of a professional. Professional builders and patio builders have the capacity to complete such projects. They can even custom made a design for your space!

Not getting a building permit

Carports need a shire or council building permit. If you are sourcing your own materials or buy a DIY kit you will need to organise a building permit.

If you engage a builder they will organise the permits for you.

Not choosing your materials carefully

Australian weather can be harsh thus you have to carefully select your carport materials. Choose materials that can withstand these elements daily. Be sure to select quality and durable materials that can last for many years.

Not preparing the ground

Preparing the area where you will place your carport will make it easier to erect your carport, especially if you are using a DIY kit to build your carport.

Common mistakes to avoid when building a carport

These mistakes may seem common but most homeowners keep on doing these. Be sure to avoid these mistakes to prevent problems in the future.

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