How Close Can I Build My Shed to The Fence?

Shed - 1 concrete and sheetingWhen deciding on your new outdoor structure, whether it be a carport or garage, a new shed or a patio for summer entertaining, there are few aspects that need to be considered.

Local government and shire requirements will often stipulate restrictions as to where you can install your construction when it comes to proximity to your home, your fence line and other surrounding existing structures. You may find your patio needs to be gabled rather than straight to fit your permitted dimensions, or that your garden shed must be installed a certain distance from the back fence line. CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury and CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton are your local experts in all things patio, garage, shed and carport and can advise you on all your options when it comes to your new outdoor structure.

Some aspects to consider when planning your patio, shed or garage include:

  • Proximity to House
  • Proximity to Fence
  • Materials and Dimensions

Proximity to House

Dome-4Councils will very often have restrictions as to how close you can erect a shed to your home for safety purposes as well as aesthetics. Patios are usually attached to the house in some form for structural strength, as well as garages and some carports, however free-standing design is also acceptable, especially if the building is to be located a significant distance from the main property.

Proximity to Fence

When building a shed, patio or carport/garage, the fence line will be your main concern. Factors such as fire safety requirements, vehicle sight lines, neighbour consideration and adequate drainage all need to be considered along with council regulations for requirements for a certain distance between your structure and the fence line.

Materials and Dimensions

Some housing estates will restrict the use of certain materials to be used in patios, carports and sheds due to the uniformity they desire within the estate. Much like enforcing the same fencing to be used, local councils can limit the material choice as well as the dimensions you can build to. If your home is a newer property in a housing estate or you know of strict regulations for materials and dimensions in your area, make sure to double check with your supplier that your structure will be compliant.

Flat - Raised FlatDon’t be fooled by well-meaning friends and neighbours telling you how and where you can build your shed, patio or garage.

How Close Can I Build My Shed to The Fence?

For your specific measurements and council requirements, please contact your local shire. CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury and CPR Busselton can also provide a full quote whilst being knowledgeable about your shire’s particular regulations and are able to complete all paperwork and permits for your shed, carport, patio or garage installation.

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