Clever ways to light up your backyard

lightYour patio is a perfect place to have a party, intimate get together with family, or a Saturday barbie with some close friends. When the weather is lovely and the chances are your fun will continues through the night after dark. Are you ready?

Light up your backyard

Warm evening, long chats, great food and cold breeze blowing, everything is perfect for a fun night. Wait, are you sure everything is set? What about the lights?

There are different sorts of lighting for different occasions. Think about the mood you are trying to create:

  • Festive
  • Romantic
  • General lighting

You need lights to illuminate your way or just to see the face of a person you are talking to. Moonlight and stars can give off some light and can be very romantic but the addition of a candle will make the moments really special.

You or your guests don’t want to stumble or fall due to poor lighting. Do not let a poor lighting stops you from having fun or partying the night away.

Lights for your backyard

Lighting up your backyard should not be boring. There are just so many ways to incorporate light, you can use a combination. Start with the traditional sort and then add some interesting touches to enhance the beauty of your backyard.

  • Solar powered path lights
  • Candles
  • Citronella candles – doubles as insect repellent as well

If you are a bit crafty here are few ways to light up your backyard.

You can use things from around your home to highlight your backyard or patio area. Jars, bottles or aluminium cans make great candle holders. They are inexpensive and can be found in most homes and these simple things can make a lovely addition to your lighting.

Jazz up your path with tea lights in clear jars along your driveway or path. You can use coloured teas lights or coloured jars with white tea light, match them with your theme.

DIY garden/backyard lighting is perfect. You can personalise the design, make a unique and stunning ambiance while creating the perfect mood. What are you waiting for? Get your backyard or patio lighted for some summer lovin’ party.

Don’t have a patio? Or if your patio seems dull and needs an upgrade, don’t worry.

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