Clean your Shed Before Winter

Shed - 1 concrete and sheetingSheds are a prized possession in most homes; from a humble garden shed to a large workshop, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours and provide valuable storage space and functional room for household items, vehicles and other purposes. To get the most out of your shed and to keep your items safe and undamaged, you need to ensure the area is clean and tidy and free from potential safety hazards.

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Thinking of cleaning out your shed before the wet weather sets in? Here are some tips!

  • Allocate Enough Time
  • Commit To A Full Clean
  • Repair As You Go
  • Declutter
  • Safety First

Shed - Ext WS 2 single doors and PA doorAllocate enough time

Big shed cleans are big jobs – ensure you allocate enough time to get the job done efficiently and in full. Dependant on how often you clean and to what extent will also determine how long it will take you to clean out your shed.

If you haven’t cleaned out your large workshop in many years, you may wish to break the job down into manageable sections.

Commit To A Full Clean

Don’t go into this job with half intentions to do a half-baked job. Pull everything out and clean the full floor space. This is the only way you can gain a clear view of your working space and allows you to fully inspect your equipment/storage boxes/tools before replacing them back in the shed.

Committing to a full clean will not only ensure the job is done properly but will make the next cleaning job mush easier.

Shed photoRepair As You Go

Check everything whilst you are cleaning out your shed. Storage boxes or containers may have been broken, or tolls and equipment could have become damaged. This is a great time to repair as you go, rectifying small problems before they become big, expensive replacement issues.

It’s also a great idea to check shelving and walls. Replace panels or repair holes to prevent weather elements entering your shed.


Once your shed is cleaned out and repairs are finished, start sorting things before replacing them back into the shed. Categories such as “junk”, “keep” and “recycle” will ensure you keep only what you need and free up space.

Safety First

Shed CPRPossibly the most fun part of cleaning the shed is putting your usable things neatly back into your shed and arranging them properly so you can access tools easily and everything is safe. Place tools that are commonly used in the most accessible spot and position larger things like tool boxes and garden equipment out of access ways. Check for potential safety hazards, including garden chemicals or sharp equipment, and store them correctly.

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