How to clean your shed?

Garden Shed Sheds have many uses from the humble garden shed to a garage right up to a large workshop or machinery shed. Sheds comes in variety of shapes, sizes and colours depending on the owner’s preference and need.

To get the most out of your shed it needs to be clean and reasonable need and tidy, so you don’t have to spend hours trying to find things or juggling to make things fit.

How to clean your shed? Here are the ways:

1.  Allocate enough time

Since every shed has its different sizes and styles, the time you should spend in cleaning it relatively differs too. Bigger sheds would require a full week to properly clean, while smaller ones may only take an afternoon.

Make sure you have this time so you can finish what you start.

If the job is really big you may even want to break it down into sections and work on it over successive weekends.

2.  Total clean out

Total clean out would only be acquired when things have got really out of control. This can be done by getting out all those things that are stocked inside. Pile them all out and make your shed totally empty. Only through this you can gain clear vision of the current state of your shed. Make sure you have tarps to cover your contents if the can be weather effected.

3.  Repairs

When cleaning out your shed, it is a great time to give it a good check over and repair anything that may have been damaged. Broken shelving or patch or straighten any walls etc.

4.  Sort and select

Now your repairs and fixes are finished, start sort things from the pile. Group them into categories like, in-condition, still-usable, recyclable and junk. Get rid of anything you don’t really need, donate the recyclables in your local recycling agency and give attention to still-usable things. They may need minor fixes and cleaning too, so do your best to get them back to best condition for future use.

5.  Put Back

This is the best part right here, putting your usable things nearly back into your shed and arrange them properly. Place tools that are commonly used in the most accessible spot. Position larger things like tool box, or your kid’s bike where it cannot block the access way, this gives you easier access on other things inside.

Cleaning a shed can be a big job so you may need to take it is bite size pieces. If you shed is really large do one side or section at a time.

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