How to clean your patio to keep it looking like new

Gable Patio and BBQYou want to keep your patio clean and beautiful forever – if possible. Yet, you know it’s not always that simple. There will eventually come a time when your patio will look old, whether it’s due to years of service or the daily wear and tear it has to endure. So, what should you do? The key to keeping your patio looking like new is as straightforward as regular maintenance.

Cleaning your patio

The amount of dust and dirt your patio can accumulate on a weekly basis is can be colossal. Your patio is situated outside your home exposing it to a lot of harmful elements. You clean the inside of your home on a regular basis and you need to do your patio as well. You will be surprised by how a little cleaning can go a long way and how it can extend the life of your patio.

Make your outside space sparkle again, here’s how to clean your patio properly:

Sweep up

Make sure you sweep your patio before you start cleaning. You may be required to apply a spray of water to properly clean it. If you haven’t swept previously, loose debris and dust can stick onto your patio surface and become time consuming to remove.

gable (2)Should you need to use soap when cleaning, be extra careful, especially if there are plants around your patio. You can drape some light plastic coverings on your plants to keep them safe and secure.

Deal with stains

Treat stains immediately. The longer they stay on your patio floor, the harder they are to remove. Look for the right stain remover to suit your patio and remember to read the instructions carefully.

Resist the pressure

You might be tempted to use a pressure washer to clean your patio. Just remember to check your patio first before renting one. While it is fine to use a pressure washer, it could damage some of patio materials, especially if your patio flooring is made of softwood.

How to clean your patio to keep it looking like new

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