Christmas with your CPR Patio

christmas wreathAre you celebrating Christmas at your house this year? Chances are you’d like to spend most of it outside, enjoying the fantastic Australian sun with friends and family. What better way to spend the day than under your CPR Outdoor Patio. No matter what size or style your patio is, outdoor entertaining is the epitome of Christmas tradition, especially in the South West.

Top tips for ensuring your patio is ready for entertaining this Christmas are:

  • Clean It Up
  • Deck It Out
  • Check It Out

Clean It Up

Gable Patio truss off centre (Bell) 2You might be able to get away with a quick sweep if you’ve already given your patio a good spring clean, however you may need to invest some time in cleaning up if this is the first event for your backyard season. High pressure hoses come in handy for not only saving water but really getting all the dirt, grime, animal hair, cobwebs and other rubbish off not just the patio floor but walls too. Check if any light fixtures or globes need replacing and that holes for spiders are filled and nests for flying bugs are removed.

Deck It Out

Outdoor furniture doesn’t need to be expensive but is essential for your guests to have somewhere to sit and eat if you are entertaining outside. If your budget allows, buy sturdy, good quality furniture that will endure large family members, pets and kids.

Other items perfect for decking out your patio include potted plants, a BBQ, insect zappers and maybe even an outside speaker for your tunes.

Check It Out

Before you ask guests to sit out on it, you need to make sure your patio is structurally sound. Any repairs to your patio can be carried out hassle-free by our skilled tradesmen and ensure the safety and comfort of your guests.

Patios by CPRCheck the flooring as well as load bearing posts, lattice, structural beams and the actual roof covering for cracks, holes and damage indicating it may fall apart if force is exerted on it. The last thing you need on Christmas Day is a trip to the emergency room because a family member had an accident with the patio poles!

Who Can Help Me Make Sure My Patio Is Christmas Ready?

CPR Outdoor Bunbury and CPR Outdoor Busselton are your first point of call for all thing patio. If you require inspection or repairs before the festive season, their prompt, reliable and extensively experienced expertise can ensure you patio is in prime condition for your entertaining. Call CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury on 9726 2311 or CPR Outdoor Busselton today 9754 2657 for all your patio needs.