Christmas-Inspired Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Dress up your patio, deck and backyard with these Christmas-inspired outdoor decorating ideas that will surely last even when the holiday is over.

Bird’s nest and lit balls   

Instead of hiding away all the non-holiday themed plant containers, just keep them in place and use them for your outdoor Christmas decorating project. This unique decoration idea takes the bird’s nest concept by putting a lit evergreen wreath, few pinecones and some coloured balls will make a lovely center piece on your outdoor table.

Ornament showcase in your patio center table

Outdoor Christmas decorating also includes smart use of items on hand. Take extra Christmas ornaments from your storage cabinet, place a bunch of them around 10 pieces inside a big transparent glass jar. You can choose to group ornaments of the same colour or ornaments of the same hue. Make sure the glass jar can be fully covered with its lid or you can use an unused fabric to cover the lid then seal it tightly with a classy ribbon. Arrange on the center table of your outdoor entertaining area with a few empty garden pots, oversize pinecones, ribbon and few twigs.

Give your sheds or garage a holiday touch

Your garage or garden shed are also part of your home and therefore deserves a touch of holiday essence.  You can add an oversized wreath on the front or your garage just above the door frame or shed doors. Complement it with lit Christmas tree on both sides of the entrance.

Light them up with your candle collection

One of the best places to find outdoor decorating idea and concept is in your kitchen. Take a silver serving tray. It is a perfect receptacle for a collection of glimmer candleholders. Add twigs, pinecones, and Christmas ornaments. Arrange them nicely on the silver tray to get the best result. Light scented candles with Christmas colours.

These are simple but very easy do-it-yourself ideas to decorate your outdoor space for Christmas season.

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