Choosing The Right Patio For Your Home

Gable patio from insidePatios come in all shapes and sizes and it’s important to choose the right style of patio to not only suit your existing home, but to provide functionality and shelter for years to come. Whether you have seen a style elsewhere that you really like or want to custom design a patio that incorporates features of several different designs, CPR Outdoor Bunbury & CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton can assist in not only choosing the best style, but manufacturing, supplying and installing it on your property.

At CPR Outdoor Centre, we strive to offer complete customer service and to keep you informed at every stage in the building process of your new patio. Using premium quality products such as Bluescope Steel and Colourbond powder, you are sure to find the solution to any design dilemmas and be extremely satisfied with the results.

Some factors to consider when choosing the right patio for your home include:

  • Existing Home Style and Desired Patio Style
  • Product Choice for Longevity and Strength
  • Reputation of your Supplier and Installer

Spilt Dome PatioExisting Home Style and Desired Patio Style

You may have your heart set on a giant gabled patio, but your roof line and all surrounding structures are as flat as a pancake. Or you may have bullnose verandas and wish to carry the lines through to your patio roof. Choosing the right style to compliment your existing home is very important to make sure the new structure looks like it matches the house; like it’s been there all along!

Product Choice for Longevity and Value

A cheaper product will never live up to a more expensive, higher quality one. By choosing renowned Australian products such as Bluescope Steel and Colourbond, you can ensure peace of mind that you have chosen the strongest and best value product on the market to build your patio. At CPR Outdoor Centre, all frame work on your patio is welded to the highest Australian standards, ensuring strength, longevity and peace of mind at affordable and extremely competitive prices.

Reputation of your Supplier and Installer

patio1CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury and CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton prides themselves on their superior customer service and product standards which have seen them stable as a local choice for carports, patios, sheds and garages for years. When you work with CPR Outdoor Centre, you can be assured of superior quality products at the most affordable prices, with comprehensive advice and service or the duration of your build and beyond.

The Best Choice For Patios In Bunbury and Busselton?

CPR Outdoor Centre. Come and see us in Bunbury at our new premises at 67 Halifax Drive or phone 9726 2311. Alternatively, you can visit us at 1/30 Barlee St, Busselton or phone 9754 2657 for all your patio dreams come true.