Choosing The Perfect Carport

Simpson Carport 3 August 2016 Winner no regoWhen choosing a shelter for your vehicles, you cannot go past a CPR Outdoor Centre carport. The perfect option for protecting your vehicle, carports differ from garages as they are available both fixed and not fixed, meaning they can be butted up against an outside wall on your house or free standing anywhere on your property if need be.

Carports are functional structures that provide protection for your cars and smaller vehicles. The best carports for Australian conditions are the ones made of metal, usually of aluminium or steel.  CPR Outdoor Centre specialise in carports designed, built and maintained to withstand the harshest of Australian conditions and to the highest industry standards.

CPR Outdoor Centre carports boast the following benefits:

  • Made from the Colorbond Range
  • Manufactured with Bluescope Steel
  • Local, Family Owned Business Service

Carport shedMade from the Colorbond Range

COLORBOND® products are extremely durable, of a superior quality and are very affordable. The COLORBOND® range offers a very large variety of colours and finishes to compliment any house façade that you can ‘mix and match’ colours with your gutter, fascia and downpipes made from COLORBOND® steel.  Tested in Australian conditions and easy to maintain, the range of thermally efficient light colours and five layer technology can help to keep your carport cooler on hot, sunny days.

Manufactured with Bluescope Steel

Carports need to be secure and strong, so CPR Outdoor Centre use the very best in strength and durability. Manufactured to the highest standards and with a reputation for product quality and supremacy, Bluescope products provide peace of mind for carport designers, builders and owners that their structure will last a lifetime.

Local, Family Owned Business Service

Caravan PortYour satisfaction is our business at CPR Outdoor Centre. As a local business, we strive to gain our customers’ trust, with our business surviving on reputation and customer service standards. We take the time to meet with you and discuss your needs, resulting in a superior product and a customer that feels they have been a real part of the entire process.

Looking for carports in the South West? Look no further than CPR Outdoor Centre.

CPR Outdoor Centre manufacture different carports focused on different living environments,  weather conditions, lengths, colours, heights and sizes. If you require paperwork and council permits, we are happy to arrange these for you with our fully installed carport designs. Call the team today on 9726 2311 Bunbury
or 9754 2657 Busselton for a free quote today.