How to choose the right size rainwater tank for you

Rainwater Tank available at CPR Outdoor Bunbury and BusseltonDo you love the rain? You’ll love it even more when you can save the rainwater. After the rain stops you will need to water your plants – do it anytime by harvesting and storing rainwater which can be handy especially these warmer months when plants will need the water.

Storing rainwater is possible with rainwater tanks!

Instead of just letting the rain run away and wet the already wet ground, you can make use of it. How? By storing rainwater of course! Buy a rainwater tank now before it stops raining.

These days, it’s important that you know how to save water in every way possible. Don’t just save water, store it for later use. You can start storing and saving rainwater by installing a rainwater tank.

Finding the right size rainwater tank size

Planning on installing a rainwater tank? Great. When choosing a rainwater tank, think about its size first. You need a tank that will suit your needs so start with finding the right size for you. When choosing the right size rainwater tank for you, here are the things you need to consider:

  • The space that you have to put your new tank
  • How you will use the water
  • The amount of water the tank need to store

Consider the space that you have

You have plenty of space? Install your water tank wherever you want it. Choose largest tanks. However, if you have a little space, go for smaller tanks or a slimline option.

How you will use the water

If you are planning your rainwater tank to be your primary source of water, go for a large tank as you will be getting water for your everyday task such as showering, watering plants, washing clothes and much more. Most people use rainwater to supplement their current water supply, water the garden, use a drinking water (check council regulations first).

The amount of water the tank need to store

How much amount of rainwater you expect to flow into your tank? For this, consider your roof. The larger your roof, the more rainwater will flow. Got a larger roof, opt for larger rainwater tanks.

Looking for a rainwater tank? Contact CPR Outdoor Centre, we are stockists of one of the best rainwater tank manufacturers, made right here in Western Australia. Call us to discuss your rainwater tank needs.