How to choose the right patio builder

raised patio by CPRConsidering installing a patio at your home?

Yes, you only want the best installer working for your patio project, right? Choosing the correct patio builder can mean the difference between a worry free, easy process that results in a perfect family gathering spot for many years and a stressful situation where you feel that you’re just wasting your time and money on it.

If you are thinking of hiring a patio builder for your patio addition project, here are some things you should consider first:

  • Go local
  • Look at past projects
  • Visit showrooms
  • Read reviews

Gable with lattice infillGo local

While it may seem to be a great idea to hire a company with offices all over the world, it is highly recommended that you choose a locally owned company. Apart from the fact that you can address problems and issues a lot faster, local contractors are well versed in the building codes and permit procedures in your area.

Look at the past project

A good company isn’t just willing but should be happy and proud to show you their past projects. Take note of the consistency, quality and versatility of the builder. If you feel as if you like a company but notice that their projects all look the same, then keep searching. There’s nothing worse than having a patio that looks like it was tacked on as an afterthought either.

Dome-1Visit showrooms

Online pictures can show you a lot about the quality of a patio, but visiting showrooms can give you a much better idea of the materials the contractor uses.You can have a real encounter with their patios, giving you an initial idea of what to expect with yours.

Read reviews

What former customers and clients say about their patio builder says a lot. When you check for a contractor’s reviews, make sure you look for things like reliability, professionalism and the ability to finish the project on time.

How to choose the right patio builder

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