A Carport Protect Your Cars

Carports add style and provide protection for your carCarports protect your investment. Your car can be considered one of the best investments you will make. From the convenience it gives you in your day to day life and it is also valuable as an asset. As a car owner, we would be lost without it. Cars are very essential in our lives and you often we don’t take enough care with it.

There are two simple ways to take good care of your vehicle. One is by doing your cars maintenance, check the tyres, oil, fluids and have regular services; and the second is protecting it from potential damage from weather conditions from sun, wind and rain. If your car is not properly protected, the elements can potentially cause a lot of damage to your car.

Carports can also give you extra covered space for having a party, entertaining or just a casual Saturday arvo drink with friends.


A decent garage is where you should keep your car and other outside tools etc. This provides a perfect defence for your car against rain and intense heat from the sun. But not all houses can fit a proper garage in. This is because a garage would require you to have a bigger enough space for your car to park and move properly, also the cost of a garage can be higher than other options

The best solution for you could be a Carport.


A carport is a free standing structure than doesn’t have an walls. It is purposely designed to protect cars, vans and trucks and other types of vehicles even a boat. Often, you can see a carport as a free standing structure beside a house, and sometimes it is connected or mounted to wall of your home. Carports are great options for rentals and for the front of your home.

Carports vary differently in design and materials used.

CPR Outdoor Bunbury and CPR Outdoor Busselton supplies genuine BlueScope Steel framing and sheeting in either Zincalume or Colorbond options for all our carports.

You can buy a CPR Outdoor carport as a complete kit read to install yourself or we can do the total install including council permits. We make it easy for you.

Sizes.Size definitely matters depending what you would like to cover, how many vehicles you owned and how big they are. If you have several cars with varying sizes, initiatively you’ll need a bigger and wider carport. Yes. Carports can be bigger and wider, in fact there are carports that can fully cover trucks or buses, boats or caravans.

Design.This is an important factor to consider. The standard carport design is frame only and has no walls in it. A carport prevent your car from getting wet by rain and being cooked by extreme heat of the mid-day sun. You can have a semi walled option for more protection if you would like to.

Today, because we are the carport manufacturers we can offer you a full customisation option for your new carport depending on your preference, location and needs

Get a carport now!

Carports are proven cost-effective. There is a wide variety of designs and styles of carports which will suit every purpose and need.

Contact CPR Outdoor Centre for more information and to discuss your needs.