Carport or Garage? Which Will Suit Me Best?

Raised Flat Roof Carport Attached

There are different aspects when it comes to carports or Garages and depending on budget, or the reason you need one, could be the reason for either one you go with.

Both do offer protection for the items you are wanting covered although the garage gives full coverage, is full enclosed, where a carport has open sides but will still give adequate protection to the vehicle or a gathering you might hold under there. The build of both is different and requirements with council approval could be different too relative to where one or the other is going to be built.

Some houses already have a garage but just need a carport for accessibility to the front of the house or you have a carport but would like a garage to house your boat or caravan for instance. Either way you will be offered protection of some kind.

Carport vs. Garage

  • Materials
  • Versatility
  • Council Regulations
  • Security



Both are built only using the highest quality of BlueScope steel with the selection of the COLORBOND® range of powder coat that guarantees a superior finish. Giving you a full guarantee for your purchase.


A carport is fairly easy to construct, and you do have the option to purchase a Do It Yourself Kit, although a Garage will take a little more extra time and hands due to more materials and additions that can go into one. When Carports are not in use they can also be used as an undercover area for entertaining and garages can be used to store items out of the home.

Council Regulations

Some carports depending on design can be approved very quickly by the council and Garages depending on requirements where the build will happen, construction will need council approval.

Gable garage with rollerdoor


Due to a garage being completely enclosed with doors the security factor is a big plus whereas carports are all open.
A garage gives the option to secure large items and all things that can be locked away for future use.

Still undecided on which one is for you?

As you see there are several differences between the two options and when it comes to style, variety and quality and choice call the team at CPR Outdoor Centre at Bunbury 9726 2311 or Busselton on 9754 2657.