Can you weatherproof your carport?

gable (16)Australian weather can be very harsh at times, so much so – that despite your car being stored in your carport it can still be damaged. A carport can protect your car,giving you peace of mind at all times.


Like garages, carports will protect your car. Generally though, carports don’t have walls. While some homeowners customise theirs and install walls, most don’t bother. The best part is not getting wet during winter months, when making a mercy dash across the driveway.

How to weatherproof your carport

Without weatherproofing, rain and debris can blow in all over your car, pitting and sometimes scratching the finish. The frequent exposure to moisture can also increase problems with rust. This is why it’s important to weatherproof your carport. It can keep your car in tip top condition.

Here is how to weatherproof your carport while spending only a fraction of what you would on a garage.

Cover your car

Covering your car can protect it against the unfriendly weather and rain. With car coverings, you can double up your car’s protection. Car covers can be found in different fabrics and colours at a reasonable price. Choose what best suits your needs and taste.

Carports to suit every Garden by CPR OutdoorInstall blinds

Yes, you read it accurately – patio blinds! They are not just a great addition on your patio but also on your carport. Patio blinds can prevent the chilly wind and flying rubbish from entering and hitting your car.

Add lights

Adding proper lights to your carport allows you to see the entire area clearly – even during the dark of night. A well lit carport is much easier to maintain plus it may deter potential burglars.

Can you weatherproof your carport?

Yes, you can. With a little bit of time and effort, you can keep your car protected inside your carport all year round. Don’t have a carport yet? Ring CPR Outdoor Centre for all your carport needs. We can install a carport for you – whether it’s a single or double sized carport. Need a garage or shed? CPR Outdoor build those too. Call us today!