Can you install a patio onto a hilly site?

Dome-11Christmas is over, your guests are done and now it is time to get serious about having a patio installed.

Can you install a patio onto a hilly site?

Yes, of course but there are few things you need to know.

With a hilly backyard, installing a patio might be a lot more challenging than normal but it is possible. You can install a patio on a hilly yard – just expect to have some extra costs for your project. Earthworks will be a large expense.

  • Do you need to excavate the area and level the site?
  • Build a deck out of the hill to create the level area
  • Build a retaining wall and bring in clean fill to level your area
  • Level and terrace the area for your new patio

As you can see depending on your exact site and needs, there are many ways to create your level area for your new patio and entertaining area.

PatioIs building a patio worth all this effort?

Absolutely, adding a patio to your home is a great idea. You are not just increasing your home’s aesthetic appeal but also your living space. Having that extra space can come in handy especially when you are planning to host an event – a party, a small get together or just a group of friends for that Saturday cuppa session.

A functional living space

Many homeowners think that a patio is an outdoor room. They can chill out in the patio any time of the day. Patios are the perfect outdoor dining area; you can even cook in your patio to reduce the heat buildup in your home this summer.

Can you install a patio on a hilly yard?

Yes, you can. CPR Outdoor Centre offer free onsite quotes, we are able to discuss with your exact needs and help you decide on the best option for your home.

CPR Outdoor Centre are your patio specialist in the Bunbury and Busselton plus surrounding areas and we install patios on even the most challenging sites. Ring us now to book your free onsite quote.